May 12, 2016 • Back to Myrtle Beach for our annual golf trip, and other than a fly by past the weary Masters Club, we spent a few nights at Thee Doll House. The experience was good. The girls were solid, the club staff were all professional, and the value in the couch and VIP rooms was surprisingly high. There was the usual diverse assortment of girls from European and other places, and a good representation of US women as well. And the consistency of quality was still significantly better than the Masters. There was the usual upsell to the VIP but compared to the couch room, it seemed like a good plan if you could find the right woman. And there were more than a few of them there. Not super inexpensive by any means but at least it was fun. And for what it’s worth, although the Masters spent a few bucks dressing up their tired facility, the quality of girls was decidedly lower. Almost not a single tattoo free girl in the joint. And you still get the full gang-style weapons pat down at the door, which is a Masters Club tradition and always a good feeling. So of the two clubs, it’s a pretty easy decision.

Myrtle Beach has gone through a disappointing period in which almost all the clubs have been chased away, it’s good to see that the Doll House has survived.