We have been to the Doll House a handful of times in the past year when I’m down playing golf in NMB. In the off season, they open at 6 pm and have happy hour ($2.75 domestic bottles and FREE wings) until 8 pm. In the peak season which is starting 1st of March they will open at 4 pm and run happy hour drinks specials from 4-8, not sure on the FREE wings. The girls are pretty nice in here and just like any club you get some that give crappy dances and can barely carry on a convo but we have met a few in there that definitely give you your money worth. I would say about once an hour they do a 2 for 1 dance so you can get 2 dances for $40 which is about 7-8 mins probably. I’ve been to a few different clubs around the Carolinas and this one might be the best. The bartenders are HOT and some give great service, some not so much but they are good to look at for sure if you sit at the bar which we normally do around 6 pm. The latest we have been in there would probably be around 12 am and of course more girls but also more dudes and we are usually done for the night by then. If you have a local ID you can get in FREE during happy hour times. After Happy Hour ends the domestic bottle beer prices go up to about $6 so be prepared for that. They also have a girl walking around giving back massages for like $20 and the one I had one time wasn’t all that bad and she did it for about 10 mins. Have fun !!!!