August 6, 2016 • Thee Dollhouse is definitely the most upscale, elegant club in Myrtle Beach. I only visited it once during my 2 day stay, and that was on my last night in MB. I regret not visiting it both nights, but I was staying on the south end and TDH is in North Myrtle. I arrived about 6 pm, and settled in at the bar. Great looking bartender! There had been considerable remodeling since I had been there last. Entrance was different, the rear area of the club was different, and I think the stage had been changed some. Soon a bubbly blonde came over and sat down. I was hungry so ordered food and bought her dinner also. I got stir fried chicken with vegetables over rice, and a salad came with it. Delicious food and plenty of it! We chatted awhile and had a few drinks. She explained the pricing. There is a board in the back near the bathroom that shows prices for various options. Couch room is $30/song. The couch room is a long room with comfortable cushioned chairs with a half wall between each little cubicle and also a half wall down the center so there is some privacy if there are others getting dances. I was early, so there was no other activity in the couch room at the time. There is a bouncer that takes the money, but he is around the wall and not visible. If you want more privacy than the couch room, then they do have small rooms available. I may be wrong on the prices, but I think it was $175/15 minutes, $350/30 minutes, and so forth. I don’t recall the higher priced options. As far as the couch dances that I got from the cute blonde, she was amazing and fun. The blonde did ask me if I saw any other girls that I was interested in, and that she would bring them over and introduce me to them. I thought that showed a lot of class. They do have some Russian gals and at least one from England if you are into the accents. I want to go back and spend more time there. Overall, most of the gals that I saw coming out in the evening gowns (TDH requirement) were 9’s and maybe one 8. I am sure later at night there might have been a few to fall in lust with. If you are into upscale, high class clubs, I would recommend Thee Dollhouse.