Thursday Evening visit, 25-99 dancers

April 8, 2016 • When you imagine what the term “Gentleman’s Club” is, this is the club you’re thinking of. You walk into a lobby. The young lady at the desk is good looking and asks nicely for your $5 contribution. As you enter the club, you see a multi-level, well appointed facility. The main bar is straight ahead on two levels (the left side of the bar is a step down from the rights side). To the right side of the bar is a seating area and a satellite bar. To the left side of the bar is the main seating area. It contains the mains stage plus several smaller stages. Everything looks very well done.

On the night I was there, the main stage was active from my arrival (6:45), and two of the satellite stages were active from 7:30. All of the girls wore evening gowns, which they removed quickly on the stage. Good looking entertainers, most of which seemed quite friendly. I ended up getting dances from 4 ladies. Prices are posted on the wall. Dances on the floor are $10 and do not involve touching. Dances in the lap dance area are $30. The private rooms are $150+$25 to the house for 15 minutes, x2 for 30 minutes, and x4 for 1 hour. Costs pay for the dancer, and champagne is included with VIP 30+ minutes.

All in all, a very excellent visit. Drink prices are reasonable, and dances were amazing. Well done facility. Worth a visit..or two or three! ?