President, Michael J. Peter & Associates

Restaurateur, Nightclub Operator, Entrepreneur

A graduate of Cornell University’s renowned school of hotel and restaurant management Michael J. Peter’s accomplishments in the field of restaurant/showroom entertainment have won him numerous awards throughout the industry and have seen him open and operate over 100 supper clubs & showrooms in 14 countries throughout the world.
The “Living Legend” award, the “Hall of Fame” award, major national talk show appearances, his life featured on “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous”, successful television producer, major events promoter, and ground-breaking magazine publisher, having founded Platinum Magazine – the precursor to MAXIM, are all just a part of Michael J. Peter’s extensive resume.
Peter has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy and Penthouse magazines all chronicling the success of his phenomenally successful enterprises including the ground-breaking prototypes for the modern day, high-end, sophisticated “Solid Gold” and “Pure Platinum” nightclubs. His “DollHouse” operation in Fort Lauderdale was the inspiration for Motley Crue’s biggest hit “Girls, Girls, Girls.”
For 20 years, Peter was the largest multi-unit nightclub operator in the world and he is considered one of the industry’s foremost authorities on successful nightclub operation and serves regularly as a consultant to many of the top supper-club and nightclub venues around the world.